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I have to bandwidth limit, so things may be a little slow. Just FYI. The link will stay active. You may wish to download to your local disk so that you don't have to re-download again. Just right-click the following link and choose "Save Link As": AYB Movie (it's less than 2MB in size). As far as I'm aware the movie is based off of the Sega Genesis game ZeroWing. I did not create the file, I am merely hosting a mirror. Oh, and by the way, I got the original link off of Memepool. Here's some historical information. Also, the mp3 soundtrack is here at: The Laziest Men on Mars home page.

At some point, I need to write up a little article on the phenomenon, and what happened because of me hosting a simple mirror. I doubt that'll ever happen, so I'll just add a link to an article about AYB where I was (mis)quoted: Digital Coast Daily

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