The Great Linux Revolt of '98


We took it on down to CompUSA, where there was a very long line outside, surprising given it was 12:30am by this time. However that made them easy targets for giving free CD's to! We unloaded all of them, several hundreds at least (? not sure).

The gentleman on the right is receiving a free SuSE Linux CD. He looks a bit dubious, but hey, you never know.

Interviews with the press, even! Wow.

Yep. Well, this is pretty much the event in one picture.

The party is winding down. Our fearless leader eclipses the Win98 logo.

We got together at a late-nite eatery around 1:15 am. Yes, that is a penguin made of balloons which you observe at left. There were some Microsoft publicity people in CompUSA doing balloon art, and one of them made a penguin!

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