AYB Info
Information about the "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" phenomenon, and movie.
Linux Revolt '98
I dunno if I approve of the "Linux Bigot" t-shirts, but it looks like a fun time. Pages put up here for a mirror. See also the Launch Windows 98! pictures.
Carmack on OpenGL
This is a note from John Carmack's plan (Yeah, one of the guys from ID) which compares OpenGL with Direct-3D. Very telling. Here is a response to Carmack's message, by Alex St. John. And here is a link to SGI's viewpointon this whole ruckus.
Carmack on Operating Systems
Another note from Carmack's plan, this time discussing the importance of various operating systems to id.
UNIX is easier
Here is a little document I htmlized which discusses proof that UNIX was in fact easier to use than DOS. A must read.
Our Sad Loss...
Fortunately, we don't have to lament not having NeXT computers anymore, since Apple is back in the game. Though there was something very cool about the asthetic.